Breast Health 101

Breast Health 101 is an exciting one-hour educational opportunity, delivered to small groups in your workplace, community, hospitals, and more. Basically, it’s a chance to talk about breast health and mammograms. We also dispel common myths and we encourage our participants to take action themselves. Breast Health 101 is brought to you by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and delivered by community partnerships.

Steps you can take to reduce your risk

  • Self Care
  • Limit Alcohol
  • Get Active
  • Eat Well
  • Quit Smoking

Everyone has fears. Your breasts shouldn’t be one of them. Get to know them.
Learn the basics. It could save your life. Breast Health 101.

Mamograms - they're not that bad.
Mamograms 101

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  • Proud Partners
  • Lupin Partnership for Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Breast & Women's Cancer Partnership
  • Bosom Buddies Nova Scotia

Because zombies should be scary, not breast health. Pass it on.